June 16, 2022

Best Michelin Restaurants in Marbella

The Andalusian city, Marbella, is a popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain …

By Corinne Van Houten

Costa Del Sol



Photo Source: Skina

The Andalusian city, Marbella, is a popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. With a mild climate, fascinating archeological sites, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine, what’s not to love? Here we highlight the top Marbella restaurants listed on the Michelin Guide.

Michelin Star Restaurants

Photo Source: El Lago

Focusing on the local ingredients and culinary heritage of Andalusia, El Lago is a one Michelin star restaurant offering a contemporary take on traditional dishes. On the edge of a lake overlooking a golf course, the setting provides a lovely backdrop to the cuisine.

Photo Source: Nintai
Photo Source: Nintai

Messina and Nintai are two more Michelin one star restaurants. The Argentinian chef at Messina, Mauricio Giovanni, creates exciting dishes combining ingredients from his native Latin America with European and Mediterranean flavors. Nintai is an elegant restaurant that focuses on Japanese cuisine, offering two tasting menus. Each dish is constructed from the freshest ingredients and there is a wide selection of sakes. If possible, sit at the bar where the chef prepares each dish in front of you.

An intimate restaurant situated in the old town of Marbella, Skina is anything but old. With cuisine to match its contemporary decor, diners will enjoy a gastronomic experience in this two Michelin starred establishment.

Michelin Recommended Restaurants

The following restaurants don’t have a star but they are among the best Michelin recommended restaurants in Marbella.

Lobito de Mar | Photo Source: Toposworkshop

Lobito de Mar is located on Marbella’s Gold Coast promenade. Here guests can savor a variety of traditional fish and rice dishes in a charming setting.

Lena | Photo Source: Salva Lopez via Yatzer
Photo Source: Bibo

Two of the restaurants owned by the renowned Andalucian chef, Dani Garcia, Lena Marbella and Bibo, reflect the chef’s desire to make delicious cuisine accessible to everyone. For a fun, casual experience try Bibo where the chef creates dishes that reflect a fusion of culinary styles in an informal atmosphere. Focusing on charcoal grilled meats and fish and “yaki pincho” (similar to Japanese yakitori) skewers, Lena Marbella is considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world.

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a view, check out La Milla which is situated on the beach overlooking the Mediterranean sea. A contemporary take on fresh seafood and produce is the basis for their delicious cuisine.

Boho restaurant and bar is part of the Boho Club and combines seasonal cuisine using local ingredients with superlative cocktails. A great combination for celebrating special events or just enjoying a dining experience.

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