A stunning Fishermen Medieval Village

The town of Antibes is situated on the coast between Cannes and Nice. This enchanting medieval fisherman’s village is steeped in history and culture and offers beautiful natural scenery.


There are 48 beaches along the 25 km (16 miles) of coastline surrounding Antibes and Juan les Pins. In addition, this seaside village is home to Port Vauban, Europe’s largest yachting harbor and marina, serving both local fishing boats and luxury yachts, creating a dynamic and vibrant yachting community. The village is a maze of narrow cobblestone streets, full of charm and life, and there is a lovely traditional market selling local produce, fresh fish, a variety of cheeses, and exotic herbs.


The old town is surrounded by ancient ramparts which, to this day, continue to guard the village and its historic buildings. The Château Grimaldi dates back to the 10th century and was transformed into the Picasso museum where Picasso himself used to paint. There is also an archaeological museum in the old town that houses all the collections gathered during various excavations in the city and the surrounding waters. A precious past resuscitated, through the wrecks of Etruscan, Greek, Phoenician and Roman ships driven here by storms.


Originally named Antipolis—meaning across from (anti) the city (polis)—by the Greeks, who founded it in the 4th century BC, Antibes flourished under the Romans’ aristocratic rule and boasted an amphitheater, aqueducts, and baths. By the end of the 15th century, Antibes came under the protection of King Louis XI of France.


In 1850 wealthy nobles began flocking to Antibes for its unrivaled natural beauty and this is when the building of luxurious villas and holiday residences began. Antibes is a town that has inspired many artists including the likes of Picasso and Monet, both of whom spent time in the village and during that period produced a large number of paintings which, to this day, are regarded as some of their best and most important work.

Did You Know?

The Antibes Picasso Museum houses one of the world's greatest Picasso collections: 24 paintings, 44 drawings, 32 lithographs, 11 oils on paper, 80 pieces of ceramics, two sculptures and five tapestries.

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