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Ftelia, Mykonos, Greece

Ftelia Luxury Villas

Ftelia is situated at the northern end of Mykonos and is one of the more peaceful destinations on this beautiful Greek island. You’ll find a long beach of golden sand several miles long and some great surf, making it a windsurfer’s paradise. Plus you've lots of beachfront restaurants to choose from - the ultimate summer destination for 2022.

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Luxury Villa Rentals in Ftelia, Mykonos

Explore our portfolio of luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, which offers a large selection for you to choose from to experience this Greek island with your friends and family in 2022. Our Mykonos villas have incredible amenities including private pools, exceptional views of the Aegean sea, outdoor dining areas for al fresco meals and picturesque Greek interiors.

Whether you’re looking for a modern seafront holiday villa or a property in the heart of Mykonos town, we can help you find the perfect vacation rental for your stay. If you are travelling with young children, we can advise you on the best child-friendly villas. Our family villas are set on the Mykonos coast or in the beautiful dry hillside, allowing you to select the location that is better suited to your holiday preferences. In addition, you can explore our portfolio of private villas in Mykonos for large groups.

Mykonos, the queen of Greek islands, is the most glamorous and cosmopolitan island in Greece. Although famous for its party scene, this jet set island offers so much more. From its whitewashed towns to its beautiful landscape, Mykonos has become one of the world’s hottest destinations. There is a wide array of award-winning restaurants and swanky bars to choose from as well as local tavernas and restaurants off the beaten path. Spend the day at one of world-famous beach clubs or, if you prefer tranquil unspoilt beaches, there are hidden gems with soft white sand and emerald colored water that can be found throughout the island. From nightlife to beautiful sandy beaches and a fantastic food scene, Mykonos is the ultimate summer destination.

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