December 14, 2021

A.M.A Selections 2021 Highlights

The year of 2021 proved to be pivotal for A.M.A Selections. As we look back at where it …

By Mariek Anselme

French Riviera



Andrea Saliu & Mariek Anselme

The year of 2021 proved to be pivotal for A.M.A Selections. As we look back at where it all began and review the highlights of this year, we look to 2022 with great excitement and anticipation.

A.M.A Selections was launched in 2014 with just over 15 properties on the French Riviera. Andre and I founded this company with the sole purpose of delivering an exceptional experience while inspiring guests to discover the region. We’ve always had a passion for service and quality coupled with a drive to innovate. With this, we began building a solid foundation for our company and steadily growing and expanding.

During the first Covid confinement in spring 2020, Andre and I began building a clearer vision for our company. This marked the very beginning of our new and improved business model. Fast forward to spring 2021 where we began our seed round of funding which we hope to finalize within the next several months.

Combining our new company vision with a first injection of capital, our 2021 highlights include:


Expanding to 8 new destinations including Mykonos, Paros and Megève. We also vetted and added 250+ exclusive properties to our portfolio.

Best performing destination

Ibiza was the highest performing destination, marking the first time since company inception that a destination outperforms the French Riviera, where we began.


We grew by 70% in rentals generated compared to our best year pre-Covid.

Proprietary tech

We began building our proprietary technology. To date, we’ve spent 5000+ hours on building “phase 1” of our software which we’ll be rolling out by spring 2022.

In 2022, not only will we be launching our new website powered by our custom, innovative software (stay tuned), we will also continue our expansion throughout Europe’s most fashionable destinations. As we talk about funding, tech and expansion it’s important to highlight that, at our core, we are first and foremost a hospitality company. It’s through our desire to exceed the expectations of our discerning guests that we’ve decided to use technology as a means to enhance the client experience (again, stay tuned!). No matter the growth, our company purpose remains the same as when we first began and continues to guide the work we do every day on behalf of our guests.

We are thrilled to see these milestones happening for our company and it’s largely due to our talented and devoted team and the incredible support from our clients. For this, we are forever grateful!

Thank you for your continued support and, from our family to yours, we wish you happy holidays and a very happy new year!


Mariek and Andre

Founders of A.M.A Selections

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