June 13, 2023

4 Incredible Caves to Explore in Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is a popular destination for delightful villages, beautiful beaches and a picturesque co. …

By Corinne Van Houten




Cuevas del Hams, Mallorca | Photo Source: Wikipedia

Mallorca is a popular destination for delightful villages, beautiful beaches and a picturesque countryside but, beneath its surface charms there literally lie over 200 cave systems, a few of which are open to the public. With stalagmites, stalactites, quixotic rock formations and underground lakes, these mysterious caverns are enchanting places to explore. These ancient caves offer visitors a chance to safely experience the majesty and mystery of natural formations. They are a definite must see for anyone visiting Mallorca.

Cuevas de Arte, Mallorca | Photo Source: Cuevas de Arte

Cuevas de Arta

In the northeast, near Canyamel Beach, you will find the Cuevas de Arta. Though these caverns were explored and mapped by the French geologist, Eduard Martel in 1876, they had been used for centuries prior to this by Arabs, hermits, pirates and smugglers. A 22m stalagmite called the “Queen of Pillars,” grows by 2cm every 100 years and is predicted to reach the ceiling in 5000 years. Once a refuge and secret hiding place, today you can marvel at the mysterious natural formations that are enhanced by a light and sound show.

Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca | Photo Source: Cuevas del Drach
Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca | Photo Source: Cuevas del Drach

Cuevas del Drach

Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves) are located in the southeast near Porto Cristo. They have been open to visitors since Martel discovered two of the four caverns as well as a huge crystal clear underground lake, Lake Martel, in 1891. A guided tour takes you through four huge chambers called the “White Cave,” “Black Cave,” “Cave of Luis Salvador,” and “Cave of the French.” An auditorium has been constructed on the banks of the lake where visitors are regaled by musicians playing classical music as they glide by in small rowboats. After the concert it is possible to take a boat across the lake.

Cuevas del Hams, Mallorca | Photo Source: Cuevas del Hams

Cuevas del Hams

The Cuevas del Hams is another cave not far from Cuevas del Drach. “Hams” is the Catalan word for fish hooks or harpoons, which the stalagmites and stalactites resemble. You can enjoy a guided tour past the natural formations and arrive at an underground lake, the “Sea of Venice.” Visitors can enjoy a “Magical Mozart” concert similar to classical concerts in the Dragon Caves with musicians performing from rowboats.

Coves de Campanat, Mallorca | Photo Source: 100x Mallorca
Ses Coves Restaurant in Mallorca | Photo Source: Coves de Campanat

Coves de Campanat

Nestled among orchards in the northern part of the island, the Coves of Campanet are a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. These enchanting caves are a natural wonder, and as you explore the depths of the caves, you’ll be captivated by the mesmerizing play of light and shadow and impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The caves can be visited with or without a guide and can be explored within 45 minutes. Afterward, you can enjoy a delightful lunch at the restaurant grill, Ses Coves, with a vine-covered terrace and beautiful views.

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