December 4, 2023

Our Top Picks for Trattorias in Venice, Italy

In Venice, where culinary traditions intertwine with the Adriatic, a symphony of flavors …

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In Venice, where culinary traditions intertwine with the Adriatic, a symphony of flavors awaits food lovers. While seafood is undoubtedly a highlight, Venetian cuisine also features delectable meat dishes complemented by vegetables from the lagoon islands. Join us on a food adventure through the winding streets to discover the best trattorias in Venice, where tradition blends with the contemporary in a tasty dance of flavors.

Corte Sconta

Corte Sconta is a renowned Venetian seafood restaurant, cherished for its delightful outdoor seating in a charming vine-covered courtyard. The menu proudly features typical Venetian cuisine, showcasing fresh fish and seafood, pasta dishes, homemade bread, and, of course, the traditional Tiramisu among other desserts. For those who struggle with choices from the à la carte menu, tasting menus are also available. All of this is complemented by a well-curated wine list, featuring a great selection of half bottles, perfect for a delightful daytime meal.

Trattoria Antiche Carampane

This historical restaurant is tucked away on a little street between the Rialto fish market and Campo San Polo. Antiche Carampane is a seafood-focused, family-run trattoria that serves traditional dishes with a modern twist in a cozy ambiance. The menu features a variety of fish and seafood dishes, including sarde in saor (sardines with onions), spaghetti alla busara (tomato and crustacean sauce), and cuttlefish in black ink. All dishes are perfectly cooked, remaining faithful to traditional Venetian recipes. The restaurant’s wine cellar primarily consists of regional wines, with special attention given to small producers and organic products.

Zanze XVI

Modernly designed Zanze XVI is nestled within the historic walls of Trattoria dalla Zanze. Owned by Michelin-starred chef Nicola Dinato, this establishment introduces a unique concept—an elegant trattoria seamlessly blending the vibrant ambiance of a typical Venetian eatery with upscale cuisine. Each day, the restaurant’s team meticulously sources ingredients from the finest local markets and producers to craft dishes that reflect the culinary traditions of the lagoon and its surroundings. The menu features fresh, seasonal fish, meat, and pasta dishes created for sharing among the entire table, in keeping with the Venetian trattoria tradition. The restaurant’s sommeliers thoughtfully select the finest wines to complement the chef’s daily creations.

Vini da Gigio

Vini Da Gigio is another family-run trattoria known for its classic Venetian dishes and an excellent wine selection. The restaurant’s story began in 1981, and throughout these years, the family has maintained their love for hospitality and traditional cuisine. Dishes from Venice and the Veneto region are prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are served with wines from the restaurant’s wine cellar, known as one of the most extensive in town. For years, the restaurant has been collaborating with local farmers who represent the best of the region, always prioritizing km 0 and seasonal produce.

Photo Source: Shalom Devenish

Trattoria Alla Fontana

This charming little restaurant features a delightful outdoor area with tables right by the water, offering classic Venetian dishes. Indulge in homemade pasta, freshly caught fish grilled to perfection, a selection of wines, aromatic coffee, Tiramisu, and the classic Limoncello and Grappa to conclude your meal. Visit Trattoria Alla Fontana for the beautiful views, a refreshing breeze from the canal, and friendly service.

Exploring the culinary wonders of Venice through its trattorias is a journey of sensory delight and cultural immersion. Whether savoring the flavors amidst the vine-covered courtyard or enjoying the classic dishes with waterfront views, these trattorias promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience that captures the essence of Venice’s rich culinary heritage.

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