October 1, 2019

The Best Hippy Markets to Visit on Ibiza Island

Like the bohemian artists and writers of the nineteen thirties, hippies were drawn to Ibiza …

By Corinne Van Houten




Photo Source: @IbizaPhotoStory

Like the bohemian artists and writers of the nineteen thirties, hippies were drawn to Ibiza in the sixties and seventies for its natural beauty and the freedom to explore personal lifestyles. Artists, musicians, and others drawn to an “alternative” lifestyle flocked to the island where they produced and continue to produce paintings, music, jewelry, clothes, pottery and other crafts which may be found today in the islands’ many “hippy” markets. All of these markets have stalls of vendors offering everything from clothing to jewelry, pottery to parasols along with organic produce, live music and performers. 

The largest and oldest of these markets is “Punta Arabi” which began in 1973. Opening at 10 AM on Wednesdays from April to October, there are over five hundred stalls filled with various crafts and other products that give visitors ample opportunity to discover a souvenir or work of art unique to the island. 

The most popular market is “Las Dalias.” Like Punta Arabi there are hundreds of merchants selling their wares along with musical entertainment and cafes and stands offering local food that will keep any visitor amused and satisfied. This market is open every Saturday from April to October as well as Monday and Tuesday evenings from June to September.

Another popular market is the small but picturesque Sunday market in the town of Sant Joan. Open all year from ten to four on Sundays, there are plenty of artisan crafts to discover often accompanied by live music.

As all of these markets are popular for locals and tourists alike, so try to arrive early in order to find a parking space and get in ahead of the crowds.

Photo Source: Illes Ballears
Photo Source: Ibiza Boho Girl
Photo Source: White Ibiza
Photo Source: @IbizaPhotoStory
Photo Source: Oob Mag
Photo Source: The White Isle

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