February 2, 2021

Top Five Michelin Guide Restaurants in Mallorca

Travel encompasses many experiences but few are more tied to the cultural heritage of …

By Corinne Van Houten




Es Fum | Photo Source: Marriott

Travel encompasses many experiences but few are more tied to the cultural heritage of a nation and a culture than the local produce and products that are the basis of the local cuisine. Whether dishes have been passed down through generations or reinterpreted in relation to contemporary tastes, the food of a country often provides the most memorable experiences of a vacation. The following five Michelin-starred restaurants offer exceptional cuisine in beautiful settings. The food prepared by these chefs reflects both the culinary heritage of Mallorca in the use of local ingredients and the focus on Mediterranean inspired dishes. At the same time, tradition and heritage is interpreted in exciting new ways resulting in beautifully prepared and presented works of art that satisfy the eyes and the palate.

Es Fum | Photo Source: Marriott
Es Fum | Photo Source: Marriott

Es Fum *

Es Fum is a one star Michelin restaurant in the “St Regis Mardavall Resort” in Costa d’en Blaines. The restaurant offers dining inside as well as on the terrace where guests can marvel at the sea view. Considered one of the best restaurants on Mallorca, Chef Miguel Navarro uses local produce combined with imaginative flair to create unforgettable dishes. Whether you choose the “Petit Menu” or the “Tasting Menu” you will be sure to enjoy whatever delicacy the chef has created.

Voro | Photo Source: Voro
Voro | Photo Source: Voro

Voro *

Voro (from the Latin word for “devour”) is another one star Michelin restaurant located in the “Grand Hotel Cap Vermell” in Canyamel. Chef Alvaro Salazar is a daring, young chef creating stunning dishes made from local ingredients. He offers two tasting menus, one a 10 course menu, the other a 15 course menu. Highly regarded, Voro is the winner of the 2020 “Best European Tasting Menu” from the “World Luxury Restaurant Awards.”

Maca de Castro | Photo Source: Michelin
Maca de Castro | Photo Source: Michelin

Maca de Castro *

Maca de Castro is a one star Michelin restaurant run by Macarena de Castro with her brother Dani, and is located in the northern coastal town of Puerto de Alcudia. Nominated for “The Best Chef Awards” in Rotterdam in 2020, Macarena is a talented chef who creates innovative dishes inspired by traditional Mallorcan cuisine in her relaxed and welcoming restaurant.

Marc Fosh restaurant Palma Mallorca
Marc Fosh | Photo Source: abcMallorca
Marc Fosh | Photo Source: Marc Fosh

Marc Fosh *

One star Michelin restaurant, Marc Fosh, is part of the charming 17th century “Hotel Convent de la Missió” which is located in the center of Palma de Mallorca. British Chef Marc Fosh believes that the best food comes from locally grown produce and, in his case, is inspired by the Mediterranean. An inspirational chef, his restaurant has become one of Palma’s premiere restaurant destinations.

Es Racó d’Es Teix | Photo Source: Helen Cummins
Es Racó d’Es Teix | Photo Source: Helen Cummins

Es Racó d’Es Teix *

Es Racó d’Es Teix is a one star Michelin family-run restaurant in Deià. Run by Chef Josef Sauerschell and his wife, Leonore Payeras, this charming stone building takes full advantage of the stunning mountains of Deià with a lovely terrace overlooking the beautiful landscape. Offering classic cuisine beautifully prepared and presented, this is a must stop for anyone who appreciates delicious food in a beautiful setting.

All five of these restaurants are run by innovative and highly talented chefs who offer every guest an unforgettable meal in a unique setting.

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