February 14, 2024

Like a Local: Taste Your Way Through Corsica

The Mediterranean gem, Corsica, boasts a rich culinary tradition shaped by its unique geography and …

By Megan Pleva




Must-try Corsican Food : Aziminu | Photo Source: Celebrity Cruises

The Mediterranean gem, Corsica, boasts a rich culinary tradition shaped by its unique geography and history. The island’s cuisine is a blend of French and Italian influences, yet it retains distinct flavours that are purely Corsican. From savoury meats to exquisite cheeses, these traditional dishes are a testament to Corsica’s cultural heritage.

Aziminu (Corsican Bouillabaisse)

Aziminu, often referred to as the Corsican bouillabaisse, is a rich seafood stew that celebrates the island’s connection to the ocean. A variety of fish and shellfish are simmered with tomatoes, garlic, and herbs, infused with saffron for a golden hue and aromatic depth. This dish is often shared as a communal feast, bringing together families and friends. Aziminu not only highlights Corsica’s fishing traditions but also its mastery of Mediterranean spices.

Veau aux Olives | Photo Source: Fine Dining Lovers by S. Pellegrino

Veau aux Olives (Veal with Olives)

This savoury dish marries tender veal with the piquant flavours of olives, showing off the island’s pastoral and agricultural wealth. Simmered in a white wine sauce with herbs and local olives, Veau aux Olives is a celebration of Corsica’s diverse landscapes, from its lush pastures to its olive groves. This dish exemplifies the Corsican way of cooking, where simple ingredients are transformed into deeply flavourful meals that resonate with the soul of the island.

Civet de Sanglier | Photo Source: Cuisine AZ

Civet de Sanglier (Wild Boar Stew)

A true Corsican delicacy, Civet de Sanglier reflects the island’s wild interior and hunting traditions. Wild boar is marinated and slow cooked in red wine with a mélange of herbs, garlic, and vegetables, resulting in a rich, complex stew. This dish is a winter favourite, offering warmth and comfort during the cooler months. It embodies the rugged, untamed spirit of Corsica and it’s a must try for those with adventurous palates.

Must-try Corsican Food: Pulenda | Photo Source: Celebrity Cruises


A testament to Corsica’s agricultural heritage, Pulenda is a dense chestnut flour bread that accompanies many meals. This simple, hearty dish reflects the island’s reliance on chestnuts, which were historically a staple food. Pulenda is typically served with Corsican cheeses or charcuterie, creating a rustic and satisfying meal. Its earthy flavours showcase the importance of chestnut trees to Corsican cuisine and culture, making it a must-try for any visitor.

Fiadone, Corsican Cheesecake | Photo Source: Food & Wine


This traditional Corsican cheesecake is unlike any other dessert. Made with brocciu, a fresh cheese similar to ricotta but made from sheep or goat milk, Fiadone embodies the essence of Corsican sweets. It is flavoured with lemon zest or eau de vie, giving it a refreshing citrus note that contrasts beautifully with its creamy texture. This dessert is often enjoyed during celebrations and festive occasions, offering a taste of Corsica’s pastoral traditions in every bite.

To explore more about the Mediterranean’s hidden treasures, check out our guide to Southern Corsica. If these dishes sounded too delicious to pass up and you’ve been swayed to plan your next holiday in Corsica, discover our portfolio of luxury villa rentals in Corsica for an unparalleled getaway.

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